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Announcing The Shardbound Unleashed Deckbuilder

The past few weeks we have been working hard on improving Shardbound Unleashed. Today we are finally ready to share a new feature on our site, the Deck Builder! With the Deck Builder you can now create your decks on Shardbound Unleashed and share them with your friends, other players or even your enemies! You can share your decks by using the share link or you can download your deck as an image!

You can check our Deck builder out right here or follow the link in the header to the Deck Builder!

First of we have to thank a the Discord community of Shardbound, who have helped us with feedback on the Deck Builder and with some ideas to add as well. We really appreciate taking the time to give feedback and take all of it really to our heart. If you have feedback yourself, you can send us a tweet at @SBUnleashed or send us an e-mail.

Currently the Deck Builder is not completely finished yet. We want to improve the page that the share links takes you too and we want to add a mana curve. But we decided to release it already, because we are very excited to get it into your hands!

When you arrive at the Deck Builder page, you will see the six heroes that are available in game and select one of them. When you select one, you will see all the cards that you can select from and can start building your deck!

Do you want to switch your hero mid build? You can do, that by selecting a different hero. Doing this will remove all faction based cards and keep the neutrals in your deck.

When you are finished building your deck, you can save it by clicking on the save icon. This will generate the share url which you can use to share your deck with. You can also click on the image icon, which will download the build as an image!

The Deck Builder is also the next step to creating Guides, which we will start working on when we've improved the Deck Builder!