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Community Impressions For Patch Week 27

With the Shardbound patch for week 27 happening at 10am PST and most likely having a 1 hour downtime, we asked the community about their impressions of the patch notes and what they expect. Ravagore was interested in writing a piece of what he thinks about the patch. We are very curious to hear your thoughts as well! Let us know what you think of the patch notes on twitter: @SBUnleashed. You can find the patch notes here for more information.

Ravagore's Thoughts

This patch is going to be a big deal for Shardbound. With the removal of over 60 cards, waves are going to be made this week! Keep in mind that most of these cards will be going into long-term storage for future updates while some will be reworked or removed, Insanity is a good example of this.

Blue and Purple prove to get hit the hardest -- with orange as a close runner up, losing 3 legendaries -- by this patch as a lot of their key combos were either nerfed or removed to bring them more in line with the other Faction's card count. This should slow down the 5+ Mori deck and the Soul Seer graveyard deck that have been terrorizing the game since it went 24/7 last week. Mind Melter and Deaths Breath got a nice buff to compensate for the culling.

Speaking of terrorizing the game, Green's Aging Titan and the infamous Boulder-Lava deck are going to the wayside this week as Vardan's landscaping powers are being 'cropped' a bit. The deck used created boulders to lock Vardan in a corner on your enemies side of the map, forcing the enemy to deal with minions until Lava(the fatigue mechanic that happens when you run out of cards to draw) starts to spread across the map from your own summoning zone, 5 tiles for each card you 'attempt' to draw. An obnoxious strategy and boulders need to be looked at(possibly become temporary or have health) if Aging Titan is to return. Now there will be only one boulder-creating minion in Green and he costs 6 so its far easier to deal with.

Orange losing 3 legendaries is pretty big but most of the orange cards ended up in long-term storage anyway. Light's Blessing was a really big spell and i will definitely miss that one, giving a minion charge and +1 was huge for 2 mana so i hope it comes back. Also all Winged Blades are now 2/1 minions with flying instead of 3/1 minions. This should slow down the crazy aggro armory decks that myself and others have been playing by a little bit, which is perfectly fine.

Yellow is almost untouched by the patch but i will miss Gravelhide primal, a 6/2 for (2) mana that took no damage from ranged minions. Red is also completely untouched as the faction needs more cards to play with in general. Its only legendary(Creation Engine) is up for a rework but removing cards from the already skinny Steelslinger faction seems unnecessary right now. I have faith that Petra will have new toys to play with soon.

As for the Neutral cards we will see Nade's Gambit removed, everyone's favorite "card 30" when they don't know what else to put in their deck. This will open up avenues for other cards to become staple and will no longer be saving my ass from certain defeat with 1 card left in my deck. The change to Raven's Messenger proves to be interesting as well, it will no longer be an auto inclusion in decks because of the resummon. Also, I did not expect to see Muse and Desperado go away, but I did kind of see Motecaller coming due to how strong that card had become in bounce decks.

Last but certainly not least are the new models for Juro and Sabine with the more attractive placeholder for Wynn, the tutorial changes(make sure you replay Tutorial stage 1 and give feedback) and some arguably major bug fixes for Bot matches all add up to a very exciting patch that will kill many, many decks but open opportunities for much more as we work our way to Alpha! LETS GO SHARD HUNTING!

You can find Ravagore at:
Reddit: /u/ravagore