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Community Patch Preview - Week 36

This week's patch wasn't the largest for the balance of the game and was mostly focused on technical improvement. However we still want to do make this a weekly series and asked Atrioc and CCalmify to write a small piece about their thoughts on the patch notes. Atrioc and CCalmify are one of the best players in the game right now, with a lot of knowledge about the game!

Don't forget to also check out the feature we introduced this patch! Share the decks you have ingame now really easily through our site! Instructions on how to set it up can be found here.If you have any suggestions about the format of this series, you can reach us at Twitter on @SBUnleashed or on Facebook.


Hey everyone! I'm Atrioc, resident Twitch Cop and #1 Grove Tender fanboy. Tyranlord has graciously asked me to give my thoughts on the new patch, so let's jump right in:

Right off the bat in this week's notes is an an EARTH-SHAKING balance change that will shake up the meta forever: I'm speaking OF COURSE Bellowing Giant (lame name) becoming Stormbell Adept (sick name) and having it literally slamming a giant bell down for it's new awesome animation. 4/4 stats or not this thing will now see more play on the strength of it's model alone.

More seriously, the two ACTUAL balance changes (-1 HP to Phalanx Leader and +1 cost to Katell) are both small but very nice tweaks to popular cards in this meta. Both were just a bit too strong, and now they seem more in line. I seriously doubt Phalanx will see any less play (it's synergy with ranged generals and ability to trade up your weaker minions remains incredibly valuable) but I can see plenty of lists taking a long hard look at Katell and wondering whether 8 mana is worth it for an already hotly-contested late game slot in most decks. It's effect is still amazing for closing out games, synergizing with Tokens, and big swing trade turns though, so it will likely remain the #1 neutral legendary.

TL;DR Verdict: Awesome changes. Keep Phalanx in your decks, consider replacing Katell if something fits better/cheaper.


Hey everyone it's CC. I'm here to share my opinion on this weeks patch. This was a relatively small patch for Shardbound nonetheless I will try to go over the most interesting changes for this week:

Lets go over the balance changes first:

  • Phalanx Leader health reduced to 5 from 6: I am happy to see a change to this card. It was a unit that could be played really far back and was incredibly difficult to deal with once it hit the board. There were times when a phalanx leader would be played on curve and live long enough to see the end of the game purely because of how inefficient it was to deal with. Hopefully this change will make the option of dealing with a bit more feasible.
  • High Shepherd Katell cost increased to 8 from 7: Katell basically could go into any deck and feel powerful even if you didn't use the card to its full potential. We often see how powerful the aura is in higher level games where people keep katell really far back and not even need to use the 7/7 body. This small but impactful change should hopefully reduce how often we see this card. It doesn't feel great when you see a single card in every deck regardless of the synergy because it is too good not to include.

That is it for the balance changes as it was a small patch indeed.

Next up is probably what a lot of people have been looking forward to: optimization! Spiritwalk fixed a couple issues which was meant to make the game a better experience. After trying it myself and asking for input from a couple other players I can easily say that most players should expect a significant increase in fps while in a match.