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The Current State Of SBUnleashed And What To Expect In The Near future!

As all of you might have noticed, we at SBUnleashed haven't been very active in the last few months. This was mainly caused by the increased IRL responsibilities of us. Due to the less time available to spend, we prioritized spending time to work on newer features and being active in the community. However because of this we haven't updated the content on our site as much as we'd like. We will be definitely creating more content in the future! We will be expanding up what to expect for SBUnleashed in the nearer future below and what we introduced!

Introduced Features

If you hadn't noticed previously, because we contacted the devs of Shardbound and we were allowed to participate in the testing of their API, we can now connect your Shardbound account to SBUnleashed. This has allowed us to introduce a couple of features!

First off we introduced a feature for sharing your decks. No, we don't have a deckbuilder yet but continue reading for more information on that. With sharing your decks, we mean sharing the decks that you use in game! The API allows us to read your decks and import them to our site, where you can then share them with everyone!

We have also worked on including your In game player profile into SBUnleashed. With this feature you can now share your profile through us so you don't need to login into the game to send your stats and/or match history. On the page we added a winrate per faction as well, which may be a bit bugged to how the API works, and we added a winrate per player you played against! This will give you more insight on which players you perform well against.

For more information on linking your account and what you can do with your Ingame decks and Profile head to our detailed guide!

The Near Future on SBUnleashed

For the near future we have some plans that will include a lot of new features, of which the main priority is the deck builder! Besides that we want to introduce a guides section and improve the layout of SBUnleashed. We might even go for a complete restyling! In the more distant future we will be adding a way to see the patch history and make the card pages more detailed and finally add the card images that we all have been waiting for.

Content wise we will be adding way more articles and will be keeping up to date with the patch notes. Due to all the patches that we missed we have added these just now and we will be keeping track of future ones!

Thank you all for reading this and many many thanks for using SBUnleashed. We want to make this site something for the community to be proud of so if you have any suggestions please contact us!