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A Detailed Guide To Connecting Your Shardbound Account, Sharing Guides And The Player Profile

In this article we will be showing a descriptive guide on how to setup a SBUnleashed account, connecting the account to Shardbound and showing your in game decks and profile. There will of course be more features in the future that will make use of the connection between your SBUnleashed account and Shardbound. We do want to start with: Thank you for the interest in using SBUnleashed! We really appreciate it and hope we can provide you with what you are looking for!

Creating Your Account

The first step to connect your Shardbound account will be to create a new SBUnleashed account. If you already have a SBUnleashed account you can naturally skip ahead!

To create an account you can go to the signup page or click the link on the sidebar, which will be below the article on mobile or on the right on desktop, that says Signup!

At the signup page we will be asking for:
  • A Username, which will be used for sharing your decks for example. This does not need to be the same as your Ingame name
  • Your Email address, which will be used for logging in and we will send a confirmation email to it after hitting submit
  • A Password, which should be at least 8 characters and contain at minimum one lowercase, one uppercase and one number.

We also have a Captcha check to make sure that bots don't flood us with account creation requests.

If everything has been entered and the password meets the criteria, you will be able to submit to create your SBUnleashed account.

After submitting, you will receive an email at the email address you entered with a confirmation link. Please follow that link to confirm your account, because otherwise you will not be able to login.

Logging Into Your SBUnleashed Account

After creating your account you will want to login into it to link Shardbound. You can login by going to the login page or by clicking Login on the sidebar, which will be below the article on mobile or on the right on desktop.

To login please enter your Email and Password that you used for signing up! After logging in you will be taken back to the homepage.

Connecting Your Shardbound Profile To Your Account

Now comes the fun part! We will be connecting your account to Shardbound! To start go to your User settings page or click on User settings in the sidebar.

Once you are there you can change your password, or like we are going to do connect your account to Shardbound! When you click the blue button with Connect Account, you will be taken to a page on the Shardbound servers where you will be able to login on your Shardbound account using Steam.

When you are logged in on that page, you will see a screen that asks for permission that SBUnleashed can access your non sensitive data, like your decks and profile name. If you click Yes to give permission you will be taken back to SBUnleashed and you will be able to access your Shardbound account info on SBUnleashed.

Viewing Your Decks

First we will be viewing your decks on SBUnleashed. You can view them by going to the Ingame Decks page or by clicking on the Ingame Decks link on the sidebar.

When you visit this page SBUnleashed will automatically grab your decks from the game. If SBUnleashed already has your decks you can synchronize your decks by going to this page.

On this page you will have an overview of all your decks and a copyable link to share all your decks that you made public. More on making decks public later.

If you click on a deck, for example Simple Blue, you will be taken to the specific page of that deck. On this page there is a big button on the top right, which you can click to toggle the deck between Shareable and Public.

Shareable means that everyone that has the share link can view your deck. Whereas Public means that your deck is viewable for anyone on the decks page, the link in the navigation bar called Decks.

Below the share link you will find an overview of all the cards. By clicking on one of the cards you will open up the details. This will show more information about the card, like the effect for example.

We added a small lock icon next to the deck cost for if you are confused that your deck is currently shareable or public. If it's shareable the lock will be displayed, if not then the lock will not be there as well!

Viewing Your Ingame Profile

And last but not least, let’s view the ingame profile! You can go there by visiting the Game Profile page or click on the Game Profile link in the sidebar.

Just as with the decks page, SBUnleashed will automatically gather the latest data of your profile. Including statistics and match history.

The page consists of three parts: the player summary, the match history and the vs player winrates.

In the player summary you will find all the details about the profile, like your winrate and your winrate per faction. Although the winrate per faction might be a bit bugged due to how we get the data from the API.

In the Match history section you’ll find all the matches that you have played and that have been synchronized with SBUnleashed. So don’t forget to synchronize regularly or we might miss some match data from you, as we only receive the last 100 games from the API.

Each match in the match history features a desription of the result, the name of the opponent and the time at which the game started.

The name of the opponent is clickable, which means you’ll be taken to their profile page and their match history to see. Even if they are not registered at SBUnleashed. However if they aren’t registered, we won’t have their statistics and their full match history.

The last part is the vs player winrate. This shows you who you played against and what your winrate is against those players, including the total amount of matches played.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact info on the About Us page.