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Frequently Asked Questions - March 22nd

With the Early Access release being very close, April 6th!, we figured that right now would be a good time to answer a couple of questions that we have seen pop up. We will be explaining some questions about the game but also about the Steam release and being a part of the community!

If you have any feedback on what should be added, hit us up at our twitter: @SBUnleashed

How can i get a key?

Now that the kickstarter has ended, you can’t get a key anymore by pledging one of the rewards. Currently you can still sign up at for the newsletter as the developers might send some keys through that if they are looking for new player feedback. You can also try to win a key from one of the streamers that has a key giveaway. Then there is also the key giveaway megathread up on the subreddit, you can find it here.

Where can i see all the cards in the game?

You can see all of the cards that are in the game in the barracks inside the game. Or you can go to our Cards page and see them without having to be ingame!

How will monetization and progression work?

The answers to this is a bit lengthy to give and we really recommend reading the amazing post that Gasty made on the subreddit when the kickstarter went live. He goes into detail of every aspect of the monetization system and the progression system. You can find the whole post here.

What do the Factions do?

Each faction has some specializations and have their cards build around that. Below are all the factions with a description of their specializations.

Red Faction Kickstarter

Director Petra leads the Steelsingers who can create the world’s most powerful technology and control it with their magic. Their versatile mechs and supporting exosuits units allow them to win in a straight up battle of minions.

Green Faction Kickstarter

General Vardan commands the Landshapers, who can sculpt the natural world around them to crush their enemies with overwhelming strength. They transform the terrain, control the map with deadly seedlings, and awaken stone tempests from the earth.

Blue Faction Kickstarter

Professor Mori and the Fatekeepers have mastered the ability to manipulate time and space. They can control the flow of battle with tricks and debuffs, and are able to look into the future to secure the tools they need for victory.

Orange Faction Kickstarter

Venerator Wynn and the Wayfinders can fabricate the energy of the Lifeweave into searing beams of energy, shields, and radiant golden wings. Their aggressive spells and minions can make it hard for opponents to keep pace.

Yellow Faction Kickstarter

Oathkeeper Juro is a Packrunner, one with the ability to resonate with intelligent magical beasts known as Primals. They can summon an army of them to their side in battle, and can buff them with bonus stats and abilities.

Purple Faction Kickstarter

Baroness Sabine and the Bloodbinders are able to transmute flesh into energy and vice versa, allowing them to sap others to heal themselves, sacrifice themselves to enhance their allies, or summon mindless thrall to overwhelm their enemies.

(Source: Shardbound Kickstarter)

What are Shards?

Shards are small floating islands that drop from the sky. They contain ancient technologies and all of the factions are trying to take control of as many as they can. On shards you will be able to queue up for games. Currently there is only one type of shard, but the devs have mentioned that in the future they want to expand on this and introduce different types of shards to play on. Each with their own benefits. On your shard you will find a Vault and a couple of Pylons

What are Pylons?

Pylons are quests that come in a variety of rarities and there are 5 Quest Pylons for each Shard which will be active at the same time. Each rarity will power a vault by a specific amount, so a Common Pylon will power the Vault by a small amount and a Legendary Pylon will power the vault by a massive amount. The quests pylons vary from each shard and are completed in game. You can see quests like “Win a Game” or “Deal Damage”, but there are also more specific quests like "Summon minions with Warcry". With every Pylon being active at the same time, this means that you don't have to choose which Pylon you want to do first, because you can do them all at the same time! Each quest can be completed multiple times, so the “Deal damage” quest can be completed several times in a single game.

What are Vaults?

Vaults are an ancient technology that contain a lot of goodies. You can power them up through the Quest Pylons and when they are fully powered they can be opened to collect rewards, like Card Boxes or Chroma. You can work together with friends in a House to power them together or you can work on a Vault on your own. There are four ratings you can get for the Vault: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each type of rating will get you a certain amount of rewards, for example with Gold you will get four rewards.

What are Houses?

Houses are much like guilds in other games. You can create one and invite your friends or random players. Each house can have up to 150 players. With a House you will work together to complete Shards, the rewards from a Shard are divvied up by how much a player contributes.

When will the game be available on Steam?

The game will be available on Steam at April 6th. However it’s already up on the store and you can find it here

How much will the Early Access cost?

Shardbound is a Free to play game and Early Access will be free upon release on April 6th.

Do we need a key for Steam?

When the game is in Early Access on Steam you will not need a key anymore.

Can we keep / link our current accounts?

Yes. When the game migrates to Steam everyone will be able to link their current account to a Steam account.

Which engine does the game use?

The game uses the Unreal Engine

Do the developers stream?

They definitely do! You can find their Twitch channel here. Keep an eye on their social media and emails to find out when they will be streaming!

How can i be part of the community?

By just being here, you already are of course! There are more ways to be a part of the community. You can checkout the Reddit page, the Steam Community Hub or you can join us in the official Shardbound Discord!

What are the basics that a new player should know?

Shardbound Showcase on YouTube created a really great video for an introduction for new players.

Have the developers thought about eSports and are there currently tournaments?

The developers made the game with eSports in the back of their heads. One of the Kickstarter goals was even to have a tournament spectator mode! The community also already organizes a tournament every saturday, so keep an eye out on the subreddit and Discord!

What platforms are planned in the future?

One of the Kickstarter goals was to make a Mac client, which was met at the last possible moment! So yes, a Mac client is happening! Besides that the devs have said that they might look into bringing the game to mobile platforms, but that this is a plan for in the future and is something they are definitely not working on at the moment.

Why are all cards available right now?

Right now all cards are available because the Progression system hasn’t been fully implemented yet. This means you can create all the crazy combos that you want and are not limited by your own card collection!

What cards will be available during the steam launch?

When the game is available on Steam Early Access not all cards will be available anymore. This is because the Progression system will then be implemented and we will be able to build up our own card collection. The cards that are available from the start are most likely the cards that right now are in the Simple Decks. These are still subject to change.

Are there plans for multi colour cards?

Yes, the devs have plans for multi colour cards in the future. They are still not sure how they want to implement that at this point in time and multi colour cards will not be a part of release. This is a plan for in the future and will most likely be after the devs released expansions with more heroes for each faction.

What can i do if i have problems with the game?

If you are having problems with the game, you can ask for help in the #troubleshooting channel in the Shardbound Discord. You can also send an email to Another option is to create a post on the subreddit.

Where do i report bugs.

You can report bugs on the subreddit or in the bugs channel in the Discord

Where can i leave my feedback?

You can leave your feedback on the subreddit or in the feedback channel in the Discord.