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Goodbye Jeannie, But Not Farewell!

Today Jeannie "Jarnz" An announced that she will be leaving Spiritwalk Games and with that her involvement with Shardbound. We are very sad to see her leave, even though it has been a choice she made for herself. Hopefully Jeannie will not completely leave Spiritwalk and will we see her in the future help out more with Spiritwalk Games and Shardbound! We decided that a simple message here wouldn't be enough as a thank you for what she has done, so we wrote our thoughts down!

We at Shardbound Unleashed have really enjoyed working together with Jeannie and she definitely has shown that she is a great community manager!

When we first started Shardbound Unleashed back in August 2016, we didn't really expect to be able to make a lot of progress with the site. We messaged Dave "Paradoxiq" on Twitter with our showing of support for the game. It was after that message that we first got in contact officially with Jeannie and not soon after that we were invited to the pre-alpha.

Jeannie has always been a very nice person to talk with and discuss things about the site. She always tried to help us much as she could with providing us assets that we can use on the site. During the last year, we had a lot of contact with her and definitely could call her a friend of Shardbound Unleashed!

Her presence in the Official Discord has been always very fun as well, with the emoji patch notes during the pre-alpha being the highlights! Jeannie always has been in for some fun with emojis in general in the Official Discord and that is surely something we will be missing.

We are very sad to see that she is leaving, however we do understand why she is leaving and we hope that we can support her in some way in her next chapter as well!

We've asked Tyranlord and Sinspitterx to write a small piece for and about Jeannie, which you can read below!

Jeannie's full message to the community can be found at the bottom of the article.

Thanks again for all your hard work Jeannie and the enthusiasm that you have brought to the community and the game in general. The community will surely miss you as the community manager and we hope that you will stay around even if you find a new challenge arise!


It's funny how small the world can feel sometimes, especially on Twitch. Knowing Jeannie briefly from a different community we frequent in to offering Tyran and me to help test the game, all the way to putting trust in us to be even more involved as community mods to the very day today where we say goodbye (at least Shardbound related that is). That whole journey felt like days, maybe weeks but looking back how much the game, the team (in numbers and cough spirit cough) and the community has grown since then it shows how much effort has been put into all of this and a huge portion of that is thanks to Jeannie. She supported us as SBU, as mods but also us personally from very early on and I am very honored to be able to call her a friend. Thank you for your fantastic job as a community manager and nothing but the best for your future endavours, claim the sky!


I think it's said that Jeannie will be leaving as a community manager, but i'm glad that she will not fully leave us. Jeannie has been very nice to me and Shardbound Unleashed in general. She even dared to make me a Moderator for the Discord and Twitch channel, even though i can be a troll sometime. I'm very happy and grateful she gave me and Sinspitter as well the chance to help out even more with the game, besides providing the community site which you are on now. I surely will keep in touch with her and will definitely check out on what she decides to do next! Best of luck in the future Jeannie, you are a great person!

Jeannie's Message

My dudes,
With a heavy heart, I'm sad to announce that today will be my last day with Spiritwalk. Working on Shardbound has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and I want to thank you all for making it so! Spiritwalk will continue the journey without me, but I have the utmost faith that my fellow Spiritwalkers will find success on their path forward. While I've loved working on Shardbound, it's been the most fun to help grow this community and get to know you all! You're all stellar humans and I'm so grateful to have been part of this community!