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Important Roadblock Update

Spiritwalk released a new statement yesterday about the current roadblock for Shardbound. Sadly, this update doesn't contain any good news. The developers still haven't been able to find any funding for the game. The servers will be available, but there won't be any updates for now. Some of the developers will be landing full time on Phoenix Labs to help development of Dauntless. You can read the full quote and a comment by Mikella below :

Greetings, Rangers -

It has been a long and difficult road since our last post, and we appreciate your continued patience and support. We’re reaching out today to give an update, and it’s likely not the one you were hoping for.

We’ve been unable to find the support we need to bring Shardbound to a full commercial launch. As such, we’re now at a point where we need to officially cease active development of the game and find new opportunities to support ourselves and our families.

What does this mean for the live service of Shardbound?

In the immediate term, the game will continue to be available and the servers will stay online.

However, for the longer term, we’re hoping to hear from you. We want to figure out our next steps together. While we won’t be able to devote our days to Shardbound anymore, we want to support this amazing community in whatever ways we can.

As always, please join us for discussion on our discord channel:

Comment from Mikella from the discord:

As many of you figured out, we were contracting with the folks at Phoenix Labs on Dauntless for a while in the fall. A bunch of us are joining Phoenix Labs full time to help launch Dauntless (me, Flux, Zalgus, Paradoxiq, Dibs, Cygnus).

The team up there is full of great people that are a lot like us and it's nice that a bunch of us get to stay developing together.