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Patch Notes - Patch 42

Patch notes for Patch 42. Our sincerest apologies for the late post of the patch notes, we will keep updating them from now on!

Packrunner Overhaul

Dev Note: Packrunner has been overhauled this week, with these goals in mind:

  • Introducing more interesting choices and deck variety through the Bond keyword
  • Making Primal minions more consistently themed (and less the focus of the entire faction)
  • Increase moment to moment choices both playing as and against Yellow
  • Increase overall effectiveness, while removing frustrating win conditions

This is the first (big) step towards setting up Yellow for long term success. Yellow cards will still need further adjustments and/or replacements as we get data back from live. Please continue to give feedback about your successes, failures and feelings playing as and against Packrunner going forward.

As many cards new cards have been added, many cards have likewise been removed. Here’s a cheat sheet on how card ownership is transferring:

  • Primal Vim -> Strength of Bonds
  • Wolf Primal -> Blood Brother
  • Rites Reader -> Tracker Primal
  • Winged Primal -> Kiza Skirmisher
  • Pack Mentality -> Spearmaiden
  • Alpha Packmaster -> Balos Ambusher
  • Roar: Strength -> Nature’s Herald
  • Idol of Eternity -> Lozar Tactician
  • Ghost Primal -> Guerilla Raider
  • Hunting Scout -> Toka Warrior
  • Pack Lord -> Primeval Exalt

New Keyword: Bond. Bonds with a friendly minion when played, giving both this card and the target an effect until either is removed with the battlefield.

New Cards

  • Strength of Bonds
    • Spell for 1 mana.
    • Give an ally and any minions it’s bonded with +2 Attack this turn.
  • Spearmaiden
    • 4/2 Melee minion for 2 mana.
    • Deathhowl: Add two Throwing Spears to your hand.
  • Throwing Spear (Spearmaiden token only)
    • Spell for 1 mana.
    • Deal 1 damage to an enemy in line of sight.
  • Blood Brother
    • 3/4 Melee minion for 2 mana.
    • Can move to open tiles next to your hero.
  • Toka Warrior
    • 3/4 Melee minion for 2 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving +2 Attack
  • Kiza Skirmisher
    • 5/3 Melee minion for 3 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving +2 Movement.
  • Tracker Primal (Primal replacement for Rites Reader)
    • 5/4 Melee Primal minion for 4 mana.
    • Warcry: Draw a card for each injured enemy minion.
  • Balos Ambusher
    • 4/6 Melee minion for 4 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving Shroud
  • Guerilla Raider (Non-Primal replacement for Ghost Primal)
    • 4/5 Melee minion for 4 mana.
    • Deep Strike. Warcry: Fear adjacent enemies.
  • Lozar Tactician
    • 2/5 Ranged minion for 5 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving "After this minions deals ANY damage, draw a card."
  • Primeval Exalt
    • 5/5 Melee minion for 5 mana.
    • Warcry: Gain +1/+1 for each minion you control.
  • Nature’s Herald
    • 6/9 Melee minion for 7 mana.
    • Warcry: Give all other allies +2 Attack this turn.


  • Visefang Primal has been reworked.
    • 2/4 Melee Primal minion for 1 mana.
    • Has +1 Attack for each injured enemy.
  • Idol of Kinship has been reworked.
    • 0/4 Artifact minion for 2 mana.
    • After you summon a non Spirit Primal minion, lose 1 Health and summon a Spirit Primal next to it.
  • Tribe Warrior has been reworked.
    • 3/6 Melee minion for 3.
    • After you summon a minion, gain +1 Attack this turn.
  • Viperfang Primal has been reworked.
    • 1/6 Ranged Primal minion for 4 mana.
    • Has Poison when attacking injured enemies.
  • Grand Wyrm Primal has been reworked.
    • 6/5 Melee Primal minion for 5 mana.
    • Can move to open tiles next to any injured enemy.


  • Moya Primal
    • Cost increased to 4, up from 3.
    • Attack increased to 4, up from 3.
    • Health increased to 6, up from 5.
    • Tooltip clarified.
  • Splinterwing Primal
    • Health increased to 4, up from 3.
  • Ancient Caller
    • Attack increased to 3, up from 2.
  • Roar Earbust
    • Cost reduced to 3, down from 4.
  • Strict Packmaster
    • No longer grants +2 Attack, now only grants Uncounterable.

Map Changes

  • Reaver’s Mire has been given a lighting and texture facelift. For Potato quality, we have hidden a number of objects to improve the framerate.
  • Before P1
  • After P1
  • Before P2
  • After P2

Options Menu

  • Added "Vertical Sync" and "Max FPS" settings to the Graphics options tab. If Vertical Sync is checked, the frame rate will attempt to match your monitor’s refresh rate (or some fraction thereof). If unchecked, the game will attempt to run at the specified maximum FPS (default: 60).
    • Lowering this value is useful to conserve battery power or reduce heat generation.
    • Increasing the value may increase responsiveness (for those with machines capable of running faster than 60fps who want mega responsiveness).


  • Error messaging when a friend request fails has been improved to let you know why the request failed.

Core Tech

  • Additional logging has been added to the client to support deck tracking.


  • UI screens at the end of a game (Valor Update, Vault Progress, Achievement Award, and other reward screens) can now be clicked through to advance to the next screen more quickly.
  • The game window can now be dragged to whatever size your heart desires, now that it supports a wide variety of resolutions.
    • There is a known issue where card tooltips will temporarily appear offset if you resize the window while in a match.
  • [Missed in last week’s patch notes: First Vault of the Day has been added to the Profile with a reset timer.]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where units spawned as a result of thrall summons during Night of the Living Dead could interfere with subsequent thrall summons.
  • Fixed a bug that could have resulted in blurry textures on characters in some situations.
  • The Player 1 and Player 2 assignment is now randomized to avoid queue time from affecting which position a player gets.