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Patch Notes - Patch 44

Patch notes for Patch 44. Our sincerest apologies for the late post of the patch notes, we will keep updating them from now on!

Ranked Play

  • Noble players will now have their Leaderboard rank displayed on the Overworld menu instead of their Valor value.

Player Profile

  • Added Right-Click context menu to access player profiles from the Match History and Leaderboards.


  • Petra now has unique lines for Requisitions Order.
  • Trauma Guard now has unique voice lines when played on a full health or very low health hero.

Core Tech

  • In-match reconnect is now much more reliable!
    • Added a visual indicator when the client is attempting to reconnect.
    • If an action is primed when a disconnect occurs, that state is now maintained and the action is able to be completed upon reconnect.
    • In rare cases where an in-match reconnect is not possible, a full game reload and reconnect will trigger automatically.
  • Greatly improved the ability to collect and process match data to support ongoing tuning and balance efforts.


  • Valor rank icons have been updated with more distinct colors.
  • Many bug fixes to text alignment and small visual polish items.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rounding error that could cause your displayed Valor points to be off by one on the Profile and Shardfall screens.
  • Fixed a bug with Visefang Primal that would cause it to remain incorrectly unbuffed after injured enemies unburrow.
  • Vengeful Veteran’s rarity has been set to Basic to match the Novice Knight.
  • Fixed tile lighting in Reaver's Mire at Low quality to not have a strong yellow tint.
  • Fixed an issue where lighting in Embassy Gardens could be broken by switching the quality setting.
  • Fixed an issue where Bot games could impact your matchmaking rating.
  • Fixing an issue where it was too easy to set an incorrect value in the Max FPS option.
  • Fixed an issue where models and effects could be orphaned while leaving the Store.
  • Enabled a proper transition directly to the Player Profile from the vault opening screen.