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Patch Notes - Patch 46

Patch notes for Patch 46. Our sincerest apologies for the late post of the patch notes, we will keep updating them from now on!

Card Changes

  • Crystal Queen’s transform effect will now occur simultaneously when attacking another Crystal Queen (both attackers are transformed).

  • All placeholder-model Primals will now have the Primal mark attached to them.

Map Changes

  • Mana crystals will no longer spawn on tiles that are within the default movement range of the enemy’s summoning region.

  • Mana crystals will no longer spawn within one or two tiles of the hero’s starting tile.


  • Restored shadows in the Overworld level.


  • Turn History

    • Hungry Gnarbek’s deploy tooltip now shows the card that was discarded.
    • Stone Prison’s deploy tooltop now shows the target that was encased in stone.
    • Stellar Replica’s deploy tooltip now shows the target that was copied.
    • Requisitions Order’s deploy tooltip now shows the selection that was chosen.
    • When Vardan’s ability has the Disciple of Almast buff, the ability tooltip now shows the card that was chosen.
    • If Harbinger deals damage as a result of moving, a turn history element will appear for the movement that displays the damaged targets.
  • After collecting additional mana for the turn from a crystal, the UI will display the current mana value as greater than total mana (ie. 2/1 instead of 2/2).

  • Duplicate cards in the Graveyard UI will now be collapsed into one visual card with a count.

Core Tech

  • Steam SDK

    • Shardbound will now make multiple attempts to initialize the Steam SDK if it fails.
    • The error dialog that is displayed when the Steam SDK fails to initialize has been updated to point to the page.
  • Steam Store

    • Errors reported from Steam when initiating a purchase are now presented to the user in a dialog box, instead of failing silently.
    • When a Steam purchase is in progress, the client will check to make sure the Steam overlay opens. If it does not, it will present the user with a dialog box explaining how to fix the problem.
    • Disallow the user from clicking the purchase button multiple times. This was resulting in the user getting rate limited by the Steam API, causing the purchase to fail.
  • In-Match Reconnect

    • The client will remain in-game attempting to reconnect for 220 seconds before abandoning the game. This replaces the previous behavior which would return you to the Overworld after 40 seconds and then relied on you to manually reconnect.
    • The amount of latency you need to be considered disconnected has been increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.


  • When returning from being AFK, taking an action will now cancel out of extremely short turn-length and return the user back to their normal turn time.

  • If you have remaining actions when your turn time hits 0, you will now be given a very short window in which to complete those actions before your turn ends.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the Primal keyword explanation from Osprey Soldier, Deadeye and Captain.

  • Uncontrollable cards now target cards based on route distance, not raw distance. Fixes a few rare cases where enemies blocked by walls were chosen instead of a closer choice.

  • Fixed draws not reporting rank changes to the client.

  • Fixed a rare null reference crash that could occur during the mulligan phase.