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Patch Notes - Week 28

Another week, Another patch! The patch notes for this week can be found below. Here is a short summary of what is changing this patch! First and foremost, the official Discord for Shardbound is open to everyone! Join it here! Next up is the shard overhaul, Now there are is a vault in the center and pylons add progress to unlocking the shard. More details can be found here on the subreddit. Just as last week, more cards have been removed. Check the full patch notes below!

New Art

  • Jackknife - animations added
  • Overworld - art and optimization pass
Hero Changes
  • Wynn scale up 7.5%
  • Juro scale up 7.5%
Card Changes
  • Duskblade health reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Flying Units are now affected by changes to their movement. A slowed flying unit will have its flight range reduced to match.
  • Charm now takes into account the charmed units route path, increasing charm’s predictability in complex circumstances.
  • Updated slag bomb’s text to clarify that a unit has to end its movement on it for it to detonate.
  • Spell Sprite’s tooltip updated to correctly match its gameplay.
  • Flux’s tooltip updated to correctly match its gameplay.
  • Nanobot’s tooltip updated to correctly match its gameplay.
Card Removal


  • Corrupter
  • Demonic Assassin
  • Disciple of the Sword
  • Excavator
  • Expert Archer
  • Fog Junkie
  • Frenzied Spitter
  • Hook Raider
  • Phantasm
  • Potion Seller
  • Raven’s Omen
  • Saboteur
  • Seal Priest
  • Shardbreaker
  • Shinebringer
  • Strike Team
  • The Butcher
  • Tracker Primal


  • Back To Basics
  • Roar Rally
Shardfall Changes
  • The Shardfall system has undergone significant changes and now works fundamentally differently, please see this thread for a more detailed breakdown, otherwise here’s the TLDR:

    • Every shard has a Vault at its center.
    • Vaults will be connected to several Pylons, each of which have gameplay challenges associated with them.
    • When you complete a Pylon’s challenge, it will provide an amount of power to the Shard’s Vault based on its rarity.
    • When the Vault is fully powered, it can be opened, providing loot to all players who participated on the Shard.
  • Shardfalls now scale dynamically with the number of active participants, such that the amount of power the Pylons generate is always appropriate for the player count.

  • Now that Shardfalls can fluidly support any number of players, there is only ever 1 Shard active at a time for a House.

  • Now that there is only ever 1 shard, and you don’t create or join different ones, the Shardfall scouting menu has been removed. The observatory will now simply get you your House’s current shard.

Map Changes
  • Optimized light shadow settings in Broken Mesa, and Embassy Gardens
  • You will now only see Twitch Shardfalls from streamers who are currently live and will be prompted to leave Twitch Shardfalls when the streamer goes offline.
  • You will no longer see notifications about quest progress on Twitch Shardfalls unless you are the one making progress on the quest.
  • We have added basic notifications for game-wide announcements such as scheduled downtime.
Bug Fixes
  • Raven’s Messenger will no longer incorrectly steal enemy minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Juro’s ability was using the summoning arrow instead of the movement arrow.
  • Fixed a bug where the text for ability descriptions would sometimes get clipped.
  • Mori’s error message when targeting friendly minions with her ability is now more accurate.
  • Fixed a broken token in Divine Strike’s primed description.
  • Rain Bringer will no longer get stuck in her proc animation.
  • Hadrien the Stalwart will no longer cause errors when handling damage cases involving multiple Hadriens.
  • Night of the Living Dead will no longer error when used on a board that has no visible enemies.
  • Lack of friendly minions will no longer incorrectly prevent use of To The Skies.
  • Fixed a bug where the Play X minions with <Keyword> and win quests would not correctly track progress.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause quest nodes to spawn floating in space next to the shardfall.