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Patch Notes - Week 30

This patch features a lot of gameplay expirements. It will also feature new animations for Sabine and Juro and a competely new model for Spellfist Cadet. Furthermore some cards have been changed. One card has been removed and another has been added. We will also see some options for the Duels. You can find the full patch notes below!

Gameplay Experiments (New)

One of the advantages of still being in pre-alpha is that we're still early enough do large changes while having a great community that is able to quickly provide feedback on them. Towards that end, this week’s patch contains some significant tuning changes to core systemic parts of the game. This is an experiment, and some or all of these changes may end up being reverted. I know this can be disruptive, so thank you all once again for your feedback, suggestions, and patience.

The changes are as follows:

  • Hero Health decreased to 20, down from 25.
  • Maximum mana increased to 10, up from 9.
  • Player 2 now draws an additional card at the start of the game.

These changes are in service of the following goals:

  1. Reduce the average match duration (currently at 15 minutes).
  2. Provide an additional advantage to player two (player one currently has a small statistical advantage).
New Art
  • Sabine now has a unique animation when casting Global spells.
  • Juro now has a unique animation when casting Global spells.
  • Spellfist Cadet now has a model!
New Cards
  • Back Alley Bruiser
Card Removal
  • War Turtle
Card Changes
  • Royal Magnate is now a Bloodtoll unit, limiting it from play on an empty hand.
  • The Kraken now summons Tentacles until you control 8. (This change effectively means you don't get more tentacles if you replay the Kraken via bouncing it or so forth).
  • Grand Wyrm Primal Attack and Health increased to 7/7 from 4/5.
  • Osprey Soldier is now a 3/4 for 2 with text “Summon this minion next to your hero.”
  • Osprey Deadeye is now a 2/3 for 3 with text “Summon this minion next to your hero.”
  • Osprey Captain is now a 8/7 for 6 with text “Summon this minion next to your hero.”
  • Arcanum Steward health reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Earthen Rage cost reduced to 2 from 3.
Shardfall Changes
  • Each player in an Outpost has now has their own Shardfall to play on in place of joining a Shardfall with other Outpost members. Join a House if you want to play with multiplayer Shardfalls!
  • Existing Shardfalls will be reset with this patch. Click on the Observatory to get a new Shardfall.

Duels now have two additional options when creating games:

  • Turn Time - This will allow you to set the amount of time each player has. Available options are 30, 60, 90 and 120 seconds, or No Limit. The default will match normal games at 90 seconds.
  • Play Order - This will allow you to pick who plays first. The default is to randomize between the two players, or you can choose that You Play First or You Play Second.
Options Menu
  • An early version of a basic Graphics Quality setting has been added. This lets you select a Graphics Level from a list of pre-set configurations (Low, Medium, High). Over time we'll be expanding this to be more configurable and robust.
  • Resolution now defaults to fullscreen.
  • The social panel will now automatically close after selecting Spectate.
  • Streamer list is now sorted by number of viewers.
  • The game will show the exit confirmation when quitting by closing the window.
Core Tech
  • Improved our network protocol to be slightly more efficient. Engineers everywhere rejoiced.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where 2 Hadrien The Stalwarts standing next to each other would cause an error and prevent damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbinger could move strangely after moving next to and killing a target with its effect.
  • Cards removed from the Graveyard no longer trigger On Bounce effects.
  • Blightspore Seedling tiles will correctly still deal damage while the Seedling is stunned
  • Fixed bugs when Master of Deception copies Dark Traveler, Rain Bringer and First Light
  • Puppeteer and Being of Light copies now correctly have their health bound to the new maximum (2 or 3, respectively)
  • Fixed a bug where Disciple of the Bow’s buff would fall off after a turn.
  • Living Horror will no longer get stuck in its proc animation.
  • Fixed a bug where damage blocked by a damage shield could still be dealt to damage redirect units.
  • Fixed a bug where negative damage dealt (in bizarre scenarios) could heal targets.
  • Wynn’s ability will no longer grant Undying Servant a buff in hand.
  • Astral Wanderer’s passive will no longer stack if put into deck and retrieved from deck on the same turn.
  • Disciple of the Almast will no longer break if changing teams.
  • Radiant Dominator can now use Splash correctly.
  • Timebender will now correctly bounce Soul Bounty, instead of killing it.
  • Timebender will now play a proc animation.
  • Fixed a bug where Splash wouldn’t work correctly when Splashing a unit under the protection of damage redirection (Flesh Pile or Hadrien).
  • Fixed a bug causing custom resolutions to not save if greater than or equal to the native desktop resolution.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow Bots to continue making actions after a Hero died.
  • The input caret will no longer reset to the end of the line when typing in the House Creation dialog.