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Patch Notes - Week 31

Expect a lot of renames this patch! Wynn's ability got changed and there will be new art for some minions! This patch will also introduce a couple of new legendary cards, where one minion is definitely a reference to Dawngate. The patch also has a lot of bug fixes! You can read the full patch notes below!

New Art

  • Buccaneer now has a model!
  • Wynn now has a model (Ancient buddy coming soon)!
  • Spellfist Cadet’s effects have been recolored to better match her gloves.
Hero Changes
  • Wynn’s ability has been replaced with a new one: “Give a friendly minion +1 Attack this turn.”
New Cards
  • Zieger-1

    • Red Melee 9/8 Legendary
    • Deathhowl: Summon Vaast, the Last Pilot in its place.
  • Vaast, the Last Pilot

    • Red Ranged 1/3 Legendary
    • Charge.
    • After two rounds, transform into Zieger-1.
  • Moya Primal

    • Yellow Melee 3/5 Legendary
    • Ability (2): Grab a minion within three tiles and teleport it up to three tiles away from where it was.
  • Narciso, Sarcone Assassin

    • Purple Melee 3/6 Legendary
    • Ability (2): Teleport next to a minion with 1 Health, then destroy it.
  • Reducto

    • Neutral Ranged 1/4 Legendary
    • After this minion deals damage, transform its target into a random minion that costs 1 less.
  • Become Dust

    • Orange Legendary Spell
    • Split a friendly minion’s Attack and Health randomly amongst your other minions, then Exile it.
  • Super Time Skip

    • Blue Legendary Spell
    • Your hero ability becomes Super Time Skip.
  • Super Time Skip

    • Teleport a minion in line of sight up to two tiles. Summon a Mini-Anomaly where it was.
  • Mini-Anomaly

    • Blue Melee 2/1
Card Renames

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating the names of many cards for improved clarity, lore appropriateness, and to match their future visuals.

  • Displacer -> Soul Shifter
  • Binder -> Spirit Binder
  • Soul Lasher -> Weavebreaker
  • Patent Thief -> Pawnbroker
  • Shard Lasher -> Blight Lasher
  • Frenzied Ragehorn -> Frenzied Rageclaw
  • Spellfist Cadet -> Spellboxer
  • Storm Elemental -> Sparktreader
  • Dragoon -> Skywatch Dragoon
  • Rain Bringer -> Voice of the Squall
  • Stonewaker Seedling -> Stonecall Seedling (and Angry Pebble -> Angry Stone)
  • Seedling Whisperer -> Seedsinger
  • Little Scholar -> Timesmith
  • Stop Time -> Chronoslap
  • Time Scryer -> Brave Scryer
  • Insight -> Spark of Genius
  • Rift Opener -> Rebounder
  • Sever Ties -> Timeslip
  • Split Time -> Stellar Replicas
  • Freeze Time -> Spatial Fetters
  • Alternate Timeline -> Alternate Reality
  • Astral Wanderer -> Temporal Drifter
  • Gravity -> Gravity Surge
  • Dark Pact -> Deadly Gift
  • Transmute Blood -> Grim Inspiration
  • Death’s Breath -> Call of Servitude
  • Patient Cultist -> Prestari Cultist
  • Death Warden -> Bloodguard
  • Parasite Monger -> Progenitor
  • Plague Shrine -> Plague Spore
  • Skull Shrine -> Swarm Spore
  • Living Horror -> Grave Lotus
  • Altar Boy -> Shining Disciple
  • Light Ward -> Path’s Favor
  • Lightspear Initiate -> Luminator Initiate
  • Luminator Recruit -> Absolver
  • Unstable Magic -> Chaotic Surge
  • Being of Light -> Echo of Light
  • Bless the Weak -> Bless the Meek
  • Divine Lance -> Radiant Lance
  • Meteor Knight -> Starfall Templar
  • Denial Pillar -> Pillar of Judgment
  • From on High -> Reckoning
  • Radiant Dominator -> High Luminator Cerys
Card Changes
  • Cannibal can no longer benefit from giftable deploys (Admiral Florian, Cytoplast, etc), which were allowing it to circumvent its Bloodtoll.
  • Officer Showoff’s damage is now dealt simultaneously to both targets.
  • The Prodigy will no longer exile its target if there are no possible 1-mana higher minions to choose from (now just fizzles).
  • Grand Wyrm Primal now exiles its target.
  • Raven’s Messenger’s Warcry now reads: “Give a minion Flying. It can’t act this turn.”
  • Alternate Timeline and (new) Raven’s Messenger now enforce the “It can’t act this turn” portion of their card text, even when the target has Charge.
  • Pack Lord now spawns a Spirit Primal next to its target, instead of drawing Lesser Beast Primals.
  • Menagerie now spawns 4 Spirit Primals instead of 3 random Lesser Beast Primals.
  • Mimic health has been reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Pile of tomes is now a -/3 for 4, changed from -/4 for 3.
  • Harbinger health reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Flesh Pile’s attack reduced to 0 from 1.
  • Skyborne Crusader now a 5/5 for 4, from 5/4 for 3.
Card Removal
  • Creation Engine
  • Bully
  • Otter Primal
  • First Light
  • Spell Sprite
  • Undying Servant
Shardfall Changes
  • Players who matchmake into a game through a Twitch event on their own house’s Shardfall will now be eligible to activate the Pylons on that Shardfall and generate power for the Vault.
  • Progress notifications about Pylon activations have been consolidated. There is now 1 notification per player per game that displays the total amount of power generated for the Vault.
  • Progress notifications for Twitch events are now only displayed to the owner of that Twitch event.
  • The Twitch Event for viewers playing with a streamer deck has had its requirements reduced to 2 viewers, down from 5.
Options Menu
  • A new gameplay option has been added that allows you to disable the click and drag functionality for selecting units.
Core Tech
  • If the game crashes, crash reports will be generated automatically with information to help us diagnose the problem, and a crash dialog will be presented. If you see this, please provide details about what was happening at the time of the crash and send us the report. All information included will be treated as confidential and used only to help us fix the issue, but you may still opt-out if you wish.
  • Some non-player facing backend changes have been made to the expedition system, requiring that expeditions will be reset with this patch.
  • The Observatory will no longer display an error message if you already have a Shardfall and will instead zoom you out in that case.
  • There is now a confirmation dialog when you choose “Remove Friend” from the Friend List context menu.
  • Player Profiles no longer display the number of quests completed, as that was referencing the old system that no longer exists.
  • An indicator for how many cards you currently have in your hand has been added to the in-game HUD.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare bug with uncontrollable units where they could be controlled for 1 turn.
  • Fixed a bug where Binder wouldn’t unbind when it or its target was removed from the game temporarily (such as Encase In Stone).
  • Fixed a bug where Splash didn’t work on Officer Showoff.
  • Feral Rush can no longer be used while rooted.
  • Fixed a bug where The Mountain couldn’t benefit from damage shields.
  • Fixed a bug where two Hadriens standing next to each other taking simultaneous damage would kill each other.
  • Sharpshooter will no longer slide in her animation when moving from low ground to high ground.
  • Rankbreaker’s sparkles no longer draw through the world.
  • Auras (such as Inspiring Banner) now correctly re-apply to units who have left the battlefield temporarily (such as through Canal).
  • Cards “put” or “added” to hand will no longer trigger On-Draw effects.
  • Fixed a bug where units removed from the graveyard no longer benefitted from in-hand auras such as Cytoplast or Snarling Mastiff.
  • Fixed a bug where Officer Showoff would inappropriately bounce if the first shot dealt no damage.
  • Fixed a bug where copying a Weave Eater with Being of Light or Puppeteer would cause errors.
  • Fixed a bug where a unit who was Stone Prison’ed was given charge and copied versions of it would get it as well.
  • A few bugs with Raven’s Messenger are no longer valid due to the change to its design.
  • Fixed a bug where minions borrowing the Inspiring Banner model would sometimes pop to the ground when dying, instead of playing their death animation.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Remember Me” checkbox setting to not get saved.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player had a ‘:’ in their display name, other users in the same house would be unable to log in. (The ‘:’ character is no longer allowed in display names. RIP)
  • Fixed a bug where the Pylon quest that rewards a large amount of power for winning in a low number of rounds was using the tuning from the moderate power version of the same objective.
  • Fixed a bug where you incorrectly could not query an enemy’s threat range in the tutorial prologue missions 2, 3, and 4.
  • Fixed a bug where associated cards for abilities would sometimes get incorrect faction colorization.
  • Fixed a bug where associated cards for abilities would sometimes incorrectly show their mana cost as 0.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the mulligan UI to get stuck between states if the Confirm button was clicked before card animations finished.