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Patch Notes - Week 32

Welcome to the patch of the Steelsinger rework! This patch will introduce a change to Petra's ability, you can now get a Modular Gizmo with it! The patch also has a few more renames and changes to cards. One of which is the highly requested change to Zephyr Monk. We will also be able to play with a new fatigue system and the very first version of the vault progresssion! You can now also view the units in the barracks by right clicking on them! See the full patch notes below!

New Art

  • Skyborne Crusader now has his model back from Wynn (and new effects!)
  • Buccaneer has replaced Lightdancer in Tutorial Mission 4
  • A significant number of units have had art tweaks, such as improved materials or animation adjustments, as part of adding the card details feature.
Hero Changes

Petra’s ability has been replaced with a new one: “Add a Modular Gizmo to your hand”

  • Modular Gizmo
    • Red Melee 2/2 for 1 mana with “Has 2 random Upgrades!” (see Upgrade explanation in the New Cards section below)
    • Upgrade (1): Gain +1/+1
    • Upgrade (1): Flying
    • Upgrade (1): Charge
    • Upgrade (1): Gain Ranged
    • Upgrade (1): Poison
    • Upgrade (1): Damage Shield
New Cards

New Keyword: Upgrade - Upgrade cards may pay additional mana beyond the base cost when played to gain bonus effects. All “Choose One” Mechs in Red have been changed to be Upgrade units.

  • Hound Class Mech
    • Red Melee 3/1 with Charge for 1 mana
    • Upgrade (1): +2 Health
    • Upgrade (2): +4 Health
  • Outlaw Class Mech (previously Raid Class Mech)
    • Red Melee 4/4 with +1 Movement for 2 mana
    • Upgrade (1): -1/-2, gain Ranged
    • Upgrade (2): +4 Health
  • Raptor Class Mech (previously Seeker Bot)
    • Red Melee 4/4 with Flying for 3 mana
    • Upgrade (1): Restore Health to your hero equal to the damage dealt
    • Upgrade (2): Splash
  • Valiant Class Mech
    • Red Melee 8/7 for 5 mana
    • Upgrade (1): Damage Shield
    • Upgrade (2): Shroud
  • Storm Class Mech
    • Red Ranged 4/5 for 6 mana:
    • Upgrade (1): +2 Attack
    • Upgrade (2): Splash
  • Creation Specialist
    • Red Melee 3/6 Legendary for 4 mana
    • Whenever this minion deals damage, draw a card. If that card is a minion, it costs 2 less.
Card Renames
  • Skilled Carver -> Concord Artisan
  • Unstable Rift -> Fork Existence
  • Master Templar -> Ardent Inquisitor
  • Mountain Miner -> Vein Waker
  • The Mountain -> Axelle the Unbroken
  • Hadrien The Stalwart -> Hadrien, the White Rook
  • Inspired Paladin -> Blade of Valor
  • Factory Bot -> Upgrade Depot
  • Radiant Spear (Lightspear Justicar’s spell token) -> Lightspear
  • Vibranium Knight -> Shield of Durant
  • Wild Sprite Tamer -> Wildlight Wrangler
  • Phalanx Regular -> Phalanx Fighter
  • Mob Leader -> Rabble Rouser
  • To The Skies! -> Ascension
  • Master of Deception -> Master of Faces
  • The High Shepherd -> High Shepherd Katell
  • Barricade Exosuit -> Blockade Forger
  • Bolter Tech -> Armory Gunner
  • Overwatch Exosuit -> Targeting Frame
  • Upgrade Technician -> Upgrade Engineer
  • Mimic -> The Eternity Prism
  • Seeker Bot -> Raptor Class Mech
  • Raid Class Mech -> Outlaw Class Mech
Card Changes
  • Zephyr Monk no longer grants Charge. Health increased to 3 from 2.
  • Narciso, Sarcone Assassin now gains +1/+1 after using his ability.
  • Bellowing Giant’s warcry no longer affects heroes. Health reduced to 5 from 6.
  • Thundering Giant’s stats reduced and cost increased, it is now a 6/6 for 7, down from 7/7 for 6.
  • Soul Shifter cost increased to 5 from 4.
  • Become Dust can now target enemy minions (will distribute those stats amongst other enemy minions).
  • Wrenchman Health increased to 3 from 2.
  • Nanobot Attack decreased to 1 from 2.
  • Crystal Queen’s passive behavior updated to match Warp Specialists: exile will always occur after other on-damage effects in the trade.
Card Removal
  • Assault Class Mech
Gameplay System Changes
  • New Fatigue System - When you run out of cards to draw, it no longer spawns lava. Instead, all of your units begin burning. Any time you fail to draw a card your hero and all of your minions will take damage equal to the number of card draw attempts since that unit existed.
Shardfall Changes
  • The Observatory button on the House island has been removed, and you will now automatically join a new Shardfall after completing one.
  • You may now see and request Twitch Shardfalls for members within the same Outpost.
  • Twitch events that allow players to submit decks will now allow you to re-submit a new deck. The new deck replaces the old submission for that player.
  • Vault Progression v1 is now live! - Vaults can now be opened when you fully power them. The more power you personally contribute, the higher tier your Vault will be. Higher tier Vaults give you more rewards. (Note: You cannot actually open the boxes or spend the Chroma you get from Vaults yet, that will be coming in a later patch.)
  • Medframe Tech will now play her special VO lines for all “Class Mechs”, not just Hound and Valiant.
  • You may now access the Social Panel before completing the tutorial, allowing you to add friends and join a house right away. Some functionality is unavailable before reaching the house island, including: Spectation, Duels, and Twitch Shardfalls.
  • Twitch names will now respect Twitch display name capitalization preferences.
  • Twitch account name changes will now be detected and updated automatically. Note that in order to detect the change, a streamer needs to start their broadcast with the changed name. Name changes will apply to new Shardfalls and Twitch events only.
Core Tech
  • The game is now able to remain playable when unable to connect to our social servers. This should help reduce interruption due to network issues. In this state you will need to manually refresh your friend list if you are sending or receiving any invites.
  • Login process has been sped up slightly, especially for users with a large number of friends.
  • New UI Screen - Vault Power Summary: When you finish a PvP match on a Shardfall, you will now see a summary of the amount of power you provided to the Vault.
  • New UI Screen - Card Details: Right-clicking on a card in the barracks will now take you to the details view for that card, allowing you to view its 3D model, play its animations, listen to its VO lines, and read an overview of its fiction. This is also the screen where you’ll be able to purchase units with Chroma (In-game currency), though this feature isn’t complete yet, and subsequently is both disabled and is showing inaccurate prices.
  • The barracks has had a visual update to make it more stylistically consistent with the new card details screen.
  • You may now scroll down to view older events in the Turn History UI.
  • Your custom decks in the Barracks are now sorted by color, then deck name.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where a copied Vaast, The Last Pilot with 1 round remaining of countdown would double up his warning effects inappropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where Advanced Scout’s buff wasn’t being correctly consumed when some units (such as Master of Deception) was played.
  • Fixed a bug where Flesh Pile’s effect would not re-apply correctly after being floated (such as from Stone Prison).
  • Shadow Dancer will now correctly display enemy line of sight beams when previewing its ability.
  • Thrall Mutation’s text has been updated slightly to more correctly indicate using Thrall Mutation more than twice (such as in random decks).
  • Bone Eater and Perfected Specimen now have Thrall as associated cards.
  • Fixed a bug where Moya’s ability would assert when attempting to draw the target back to Moya’s current hex (this is a temp fix that simply makes this tile untargetable).
  • Fixed a bug where targeted Charm/Fear cards couldn’t be played on a board where all the targets available couldn’t be moved.
  • Fixed a bug where Tinker Master’s cost wasn’t be reset correctly when played, allowing him to be targeted by effects such as Thundering Giant.
  • Fixed a bug where if the closest unit to an Uncontrollable unit is completely walled off by boulders or Halt Spaces tiles, the uncontrollable unit would show an error and be sad.
  • Fixed a bug where abilities and spells that moved units was not triggering threat range indicators.
  • Fixed a crash when first logging in or when connecting to game caused by third party network monitors (and malware), such as Lavasoft’s Web Companion.
  • Fixed for significant hitching/lockup when the connection to the game servers is interrupted.
  • Fixed a long hitch that could occur when casting Scrap or other beam-style effects.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would return to the Overworld in weird state if they left their house (and therefore active Shardfall) during a game.
  • Fixed a variety of scenarios where friends would appear with the incorrect online status.
  • Fixed a bug where house stats overview was showing the incorrect player with most wins.
  • Fixed a bug caused by colon characters in house names by not allowing house names to contain colons.