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Patch Notes - Week 33

Welcome to one of the latest patches before Shardbound will be available on Steam April 6th! This patch introduces two new cards, new art for the former Bear Primal and some changes to a couple of cards. Cards will now have a rarity as well. Besides card changes, there are quite a few changes to the shards as well! To see the full patch notes, check them out below!

New Art

  • Visefang Primal now has art!
Hero Changes
  • Petra’s Gizmos health reduced to 1 from 2.
New Cards
  • The Lifespark
    • Legendary
    • Green 5/8 for 5
    • Choose a friendly artifact. Exile it, then summon this in its place and gain its card text.
  • Rook
    • Neutral 2/6 for 3
    • Can move any distance in a line. Gain +1 Attack this turn for each tile moved.
Card Renames
  • Bear Primal -> Visefang Primal
  • Totem Whisperer -> Seedsinger (wasn’t actually in Week 31’s patch)
Card Changes
  • Cards now have Rarities - Note that this rarity is first pass and is subject to change before Progression is live.
  • Runebound Valet has been remade.
    • Neutral 3/6 for 3
    • After you a cast a spell, deal 1 damage and knock back all adjacent enemies.
  • Petrify may no longer target friendly minions.
  • Bellowing Giant health reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Soul Shifter health reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Voice of the Squall now a 4/6, down from 5/7.
  • Quality of Life - Rift Trickster will now draw LoS lines to allies as well as enemies while moving.
Card Removal
  • General’s Horn
  • Sparktreader
Gameplay System Changes
  • Fear - Fear has been reworked to reduce randomness. Feared targets will now try to flee directly away from the Fearer’s location. Flying units and units with increased/reduced movement will now take those factors into account when being Feared.
  • Fatigue - Fatigue damage now happens simultaneously to all units on a team, instead of one at a time. This fixes some strange visuals and inconsistent On-Death procs.
Shardfall Changes
  • All Shardfalls will now have 5 pylons consistently, instead of between 4 to 5 at random.
  • The chance a Shardfall will have an epic or legendary pylon has been increased slightly.
  • The amount of power generated by common pylons has been increased by 33%.
  • The amount of power generated by rare pylons has been increased by 33%.
  • The amount of power generated by epic pylons has been increased by 7%.
  • The guaranteed pylon that every Shard contains has been changed to be “Deal damage to enemies” instead of “Win with any army”.
    • Note: This is to guarantee you’ll make progress even on a loss, and it will naturally scale with longer games, appropriately awarding you more power for them than shorter ones (as you’ll deal more total damage in longer duration games on average).**
  • “Deal damage to enemies” is now rare, up from common.
  • “Win with your hero scoring the killing blow” has been removed.
    • Note: People conceding was negatively impacting the ability to do this objective, so we’ve opted to remove it.**
  • “Win with NO spells” has been changed to “Win with 2 spells or less”.
  • “Win with <faction> or <faction>” is now rare, up from common.
  • “Win with <faction> is now epic, up from rare.
  • “Win with your hero at full Health” is now legendary, up from epic.
  • The chance to get Card Boxes instead of just Chroma from a Vault has been increased.
Options Menu-
  • Added an option to mute audio when the game window is in the background.
  • Houses are now limited to a maximum of 150 players.
  • You may now add more than 30 cards to a deck (up to 99) in the Barracks. Decks are invalid until the number of cards is reduced back to 30.
  • Heroes now have more VO lines exposed for playback in the card details view.
  • Deck editor now recognizes and saves deck name capitalization changes.
  • Fixed a bug where mana amounts of 10 and above would have their text clipped on the card bar inside of a decklist.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing the Barracks Mana buttons from properly scrolling to the correct mana card section.
  • Vault progress notifications and individual contributor percent now both display one digit of precision (from 3 and 0).
  • The tooltips for Exile and Upgrade have been updated to hopefully be more clear.
  • There is now a period of additional delay after replacing cards during Mulligan to give the player time to evaluate what new cards were drawn before transitioning them into the Hand.
Bug Fixes
  • Vault contribution rating may now increase due to other players completing games, if the new number of contributors pushes the existing contribution percent over the required amount for the new rating.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to stop receiving Shardfall and other other updates after reconnecting to the social servers.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Spectators to skip the Victory or Defeat screen at the end of the game.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the client to believe a Shardfall Vault was complete when the percent completion was very close to 100%.
  • The Pylon “Play 3 cards in one turn” may now be triggered multiple times in one game.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Binder’s bind could be broken by certains effects on other units.
  • Fixed a bug where Tinker Master, Perfected Specimen and Temporal Drifter couldn’t be affected by some cost buffs or debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug where cost increase (such as Weavebreaker) couldn’t affect Upgrade cards.
  • Auras based on adjacency (such as Groveguard) will now fall off correctly if that unit has been Stone Prison’ed.
  • Fixed a missing word in Juro’s ability tooltip.
  • Shanker now plays the correct animations in the Card Details screen.
  • Skyborne Crusader no longer gets his wing effects stuck on if attacking as the turn ends.
  • Zephyr Monk can now correctly target Lifelike Statue.
  • Splash no longer hits burrowed targets.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Win with an army that has an average mana cost of 4.0 or higher” pylon quest was only giving 50% as much power as it should.