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Patch Notes - Week 34

Only a week and a day left until Shardbound will be migrating to Steam Early Access! This will be last patch that won't be played on Steam Early Access! It's getting so close now! This patch will feature a next step in progression. All cards will be locked and have to be unlocked through the boxes besides the basic cards. A couple of cards have been removed as well and we will see some new cards make an appearance! Read the full patch notes below!

Patch Overview

This week, we’re very excited to be putting some of the final pieces of player progression into place. Please take note of some important changes to Shardbound:

You will no longer have access to every card in the game.Instead, you will need to obtain cards by opening Boxes or crafting them with Chroma.

Players will have access to all of the Boxes and Chroma they’ve obtained since Vaults went into the game.

All players will also receive a temporary grant of 100 Boxes to ensure they can thoroughly help test all of the new features going into the game this week.

These Features are new to the game this week:

The Treasury: Opening Boxes - You can open any boxes you earn in the Treasury. When you open a box, you will receive a choice of 3 cards of a randomly designated rarity. If you already have two of a card, you will have the choice of receiving a payout of Chroma instead.

The Treasury: Store - In the Treasury, you can enter the store to purchase boxes with Chroma. In a future patch, you will be able to buy Boxes or our Welcome Bundle for real currency.

The Barracks: Crafting Cards - You can now use your Chroma to craft specific cards. In the barracks, choose the card you’d like to craft and Right-Click it to view that card’s details. From the details page, simply choose to Recruit the unit or Learn the spell.

After this week of testing, we will be resetting card unlocks and refunding all boxes and chroma used during this test. The only exception will be the 100 Boxes granted this week.

Thus, with our patch next week, your collection will enter a clean state and you’ll be able to start building your collection using all of the Boxes and Chroma you’ve ever received out of Vaults.

Thanks in advance for all your help testing. Don’t sweat your unlocks too much (they’re not permanent this time) and keep earning loot out of Vaults (it IS permanent)!

Please be sure to give feedback on your experiences this week on our official Discord server, the Reddit, or our Steam Forums.

New Feature: The Treasury
  • You can now open Core Set Boxes to unlock cards.
  • You can now purchase Boxes with Chroma.
  • When playing with Steam integration, you can now purchase Boxes and a Welcome Bundle from the Steam Store.
New Feature: Steam Integration
  • Shardbound now integrates with Steam! These features are enabled in the Steam version of our game, and will be available to all players when we launch to Steam Early Access on April 6th.
  • New users will be able to choose a display name, and will have a Shardbound account made automatically.
  • Existing users may link their Shardbound account in Steam by entering their username and password.
New Art
  • Wynn now has his Archon.
New Cards
  • Grand Defender
    • Neutral 2/10 melee for 5.
    • During your opponent's turn, gain +4 Attack.
  • Venerated Champion
    • Neutral 5/4 melee for 6.
    • Deathhowl: Summon three Adoring Fans next to this minion.
    • Adoring Fan: 2/1 melee.
Card Changes
  • Bloodguard has been remade.
    • Purple 4/5 melee for 3.
    • Has +1 Attack for every five Health your hero is missing.
  • Eagle Primal now gains +1 Attack if Juro is a Primal, instead of when next to a Primal.
  • Timebender now increases the cost of the bounced card by 2.
  • Back Alley Bruiser now deals 4 damage instead of stunning.
  • Medframe Tech Ability cost down to 1 from 2.
  • Soultaker is now a 3/3, from 2/4.
  • Swarm Spore now summons a Thrall at the end of your turn, instead of on Ability usage.
  • Stellar Replicas now replicates 3 instead of 2.
  • Transform keyword has been removed.
Card Removal
  • The Eternity Prism
  • Reducto
Shardfall Changes
  • “Win games with hero at perfect Health” has been changed to “Win games while your hero has 20 or more Health”.
Option Menu
  • A new Account section has been added to the Options Menu. It contains:
    • Redeem Code: Used to redeem a one-use code that will grant your account with items. This is where you will redeem your Kickstarter rewards when they are sent out.
    • Link Twitch Account: This button has been moved from the top-level escape menu. It now displays the currently linked account.
    • Reset Steam Account: Will delete the Shardbound account that is linked to your Steam account. Only available in Steam builds.
  • You can now craft cards using Chroma in the card’s details page.
  • Simple decks have been rebuilt to match the new set of basic cards.
  • Simple decks are now added to your Barracks as normal decks. You are free to modify, rename or delete them as you desire.
  • Cards will now display an indicator of how many of them you own.
  • Cards now have more robust UI states for communicating why you can’t add more of one to a deck (for reasons such as you don’t own any more, or you’ve already put in the deck limit).
  • Card rarities now have the following unique colors:
    • White = Basic (Uncraftable)
    • Green = Common
    • Blue = Rare
    • Purple = Epic
    • Orange = Legendary
  • Card and unit mouseover UI bits will more reliably stay on screen.
  • Match history in your profile is now limited to the last 100 games in order to make the list manageable. The ability to browse older games will come in a later patch.
  • Overall max game volume has been increased
  • Default audio slider position has been set to 70% (this default setting is the same loudness as the previous default) If you have previously adjusted your audio sliders, those settings will remain the same, so your game may be louder after patching.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for Weave Eater effect still being in play if Weave Eater is in a Stone Prison.
  • Fixed a bug where some AoE effects could hit targets that were burrowed (Splash, Baffling Presence)
  • Fixed a bug where Hadrien dying to splash would cause his adjacent allies to take increased damage.
  • Fixed a bug where a 1-tile fear was never possible.
  • Fixed a typo in Evangelist’s buff tooltip.
  • Fixed Tinker/Perfected Specimen mana-cost errors when Artifacts or Thralls change teams.
  • Death animations in card details view will no longer pop at lower framerates.
  • Fixed a bug preventing custom hero banter from playing.