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Patch Notes - Week 35

Welcome to the very first patch notes for the Steam client! Of course the early access won't be available yet when the patch goes live on April 4th, but only two days later you will be able to join in in the Early Access! This patch will feature a major overhaul to the progression system after a lot of feedback from the community. Furthermore we will see a Ghost Blade nerf and some changes to the Petra hero power. Read the full patch notes below!

General Progression Changes

Developer Note: Thank you everyone who helped test the progression systems we rolled out last week. We received a lot of great feedback and have some changes coming to start improving it. Here’s some of the consistent things that we heard:
  • “Higher rarities in card boxes felt like they dropped too rarely. Similarly, commons felt like they dropped too often.”
  • “Crafting costs felt too expensive and prohibitive.”
  • “The value for selling cards felt too low.”
  • “Duplicate cards being automatically converted into currency felt bad. This was exasperated by both the very high drop rate for commons and their low sell value.”
  • “The initial rate of earning boxes and Chroma from Vaults is too slow for new players. Similarly, new players should have ways to construct at least one competitively viable deck more quickly than they can currently.”

Here’s the changes we’re making to the system in this week’s patch to try to address some of these concerns:

Relative Box Drop Rate Changes:
  • Common drop rate reduced by ~25%.
  • Rare drop rate increased by ~49%.
  • Epic drop rate increased by ~61%.
  • Legendary drop rate increased by ~65%.
Bad luck Prevention Changes:Developer Note: To help prevent against unlucky streaks, every time you open a box that isn’t Epic or Legendary, the drop rate for these rarities is increased until it eventually reaches 100%, guaranteeing you one. These values are being massively increased.
  • The speed at which Epic bad luck prevention builds has been doubled.
  • The speed at which the Legendary bad luck prevention builds has been tripled.
Currency Changes:

Developer Note: We’re moving from a one-currency system (just Chroma), to a traditional two-currency system (Chroma and Royal Marks). This change lets us adjust costs to make crafting more accessible.

  • Chroma is now just used to purchase card boxes, and will be used in the future as an alternative way to unlock any feature or item that could also be purchased with real money.
  • Royal Marks are used for anything that doesn’t have a direct real money purchasing option. Currently, this is just the crafting and selling of cards.
Crafting Changes:
  • The cost to craft a Rare has been reduced to 100, down from 125.
  • The cost to craft an Epic has been reduced to 400, down from 500.
  • The cost to craft a Legendary has been reduced to 1200, down from 2000.
  • The currency returned when selling a Common has been doubled to 20% of its crafting price, up from 10%.
  • The currency returned when selling a Legendary has been increased to 33% of its crafting price, up from 25%.
Changes to duplicates from boxes automatically converting to currency:

Cards that you already own the max deckable amount of will no longer automatically convert into currency. Additionally, you can now own above the maximum deckable amount for a given card. This is in preparation of a new upcoming system which will allow you to convert a certain amount of duplicate instances of a card into something else of value, as an alternative to simply selling them.

New Art

  • Quantum Turnkey now has art!

Hero Changes

  • Deadly Gizmo (Poison) and Speedy Gizmo (Charge) have been removed from the Gizmo Pool.
  • Weaponized Gizmo (+2 Attack) has been added.
  • Sturdy Gizmo (+2 Health) has been added.
  • Sneaky Gizmo (Shroud) has been added.

Card Renames

  • Timebender -> Quantum Turnkey

Card Changes

  • Ghost Blade health reduced to 3 from 6.
  • Phantom Betrayer stats down to 6/4 from 7/7.

Bot Changes

  • Bots will go slightly easier on the player when they have board advantage.

Map Changes

  • A tile on Broken Mesa has been updated to not have a crack so that it does not match the tile next to it. Are you happy now Tehkjel??


  • Steam notifications have been moved to the upper right corner so they don’t overlap with the end turn button.
  • When a client is disconnected while using Steam, it now displays a “Disconnected” screen instead of immediately logging back in.
  • Fixed some error cases that would result in a user being prompted to create a new account when they already had one.

Options Menu

  • Entering custom resolutions will not prompt you to confirm the resolution until after you’ve entered both the height and width.


  • The option to reselect the last box is now cleared when another box is opened.
  • The unselected cards now fade out when a card is selected from a box.


  • Basic cards are now unlocked by playing through the Prologue. A new screen has been added to the end of each Prologue mission displaying the cards that are unlocked. If you have already completed the Prologue, you will not need to play it again to unlock these cards.
  • Finishing the Prologue will now award you with 30 Core Set boxes. If you have already completed the Prologue, 30 Core Set boxes will be granted to your account automatically.

Core Tech

  • Matchmaking is now skill based and will attempt to not match new players with veteran players, resulting in slightly longer queue times.


  • Twitch events now tell you that rewards are coming soon™.
  • Red “Pre-Alpha Content” labels have been removed because we’re now in Alpha, yay!
  • The tooltip information on mouseover of a card is now left aligned instead of centered.
  • Entering the Dual screen now dismisses the Barracks if it is opened.
  • The button for closing the deck list has been updated to work consistently for Shardfalls, Duels, and Bot Matches.
  • Rarity can be used as a search term in the barracks. Requires a full match (ie. “legendary”) to avoid awkward partial matches.
  • Added Spiritwalk Games intro movie clip while the client is loading. This can be clicked through if the client finishes loading before the clip finishes.

Bug Fixes

  • Rook’s threat range previews have been fixed.
  • Growler Primal will no longer deal damage to the enemy hero when summoned in a position not adjacent to them (through giftable summons).
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Summon Primals and Summon Seedlings pylon objectives to award less power than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented selling a card if you could not afford to buy it.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented playing with Twitch event decks if you did not own the cards contained in the deck.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the deck UI to refresh repeatedly if you had no decks.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the dragged card in the barracks to get stuck on screen.
  • The cancel button on the “Change Quantity” dialog in the box purchase screen now actually cancels the changes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause your Shardfall to get sorted behind Twitch Shardfalls in rare cases.
  • Dialog popups now sort below the Options menu.
  • Fix bug preventing Escape from bringing up the Options menu during Cinematics.
  • Clicking outside the Friends List now dismisses Friend List context menus.
  • Tactical camera controls are now disabled during Cinematics.
  • The random map selection in duels and bot matches is now actually random, instead of using the last selected map.
  • Attacks that deal no damage to their target (such as a ranged attack against Shield of Durant) will now still display the target in Turn History.
  • The line of sight tile preview information no longer overrides the valid attack tile preview information on a tile.
  • Fix for the mouse cursor getting locked into the game client on game startup.
  • Changing your preferences for matching against bots will now take effect immediately, instead of requiring matchmaking to be restarted.