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Patch Notes - Week 36

New week and another new patch! This patch will focus a lot on fixing techincal issues. Hopefully a lot of the performance issues that people were having will be resolved by this! We will also say goodbye to the old patcher and will only be using the Steam client from now on! New art will also be added this week and we see some small changes to the balance. Read the full patch notes below!

Developer Note: Shardbound’s launch on Steam has surfaced a number of technical issues that we’ve been hard at work resolving. This patch primarily consists of those fixes, and we will continue to roll out improvements over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, our design team has been hard at work collecting feedback about the new player experience and our progression systems. Expect to start seeing changes from that feedback in upcoming weeks as well.

New Art

  • Stormbell Adept (formerly Bellowing Giant) now has art!

Card Renames

  • Bellowing Giant -> Stormbell Adept

Card Changes

  • Phalanx Leader health reduced to 5 from 6.
  • High Shepherd Katell cost increased to 8 from 7.


  • Force Shardbound to re-launch in Steam if run from a shortcut while Steam is not running.
  • If Shardbound can still not detect Steam, it will now display an error message to that effect and exit, rather than prompting the user to log in with email and password.
  • Disable voice services to avoid any performance impact, since we are not using it.


Core Tech

  • Fixed a threading issue that could cause the game to run substantially slower while in a match. This should improve FPS for many players while in game.
  • Improved a number of backend reports and fixed some bugs with telemetry collection.


  • Barracks can now be scrolled via the page up / page down keys.
  • Barracks ‘show unowned’ cards option no longer resets back to default.
  • Fix for UI bits occasionally getting orphaned when mousing over Hero cards in the Barracks.

Bug Fixes

  • Windowed mode client window position and size no longer reset when alt-tabbing in & out of the game.
  • Fix for the “Add Friend” context menu item on house roster members not sending an invite.
  • Improved rate limiting for login process to avoid client hanging.
  • Hotfix 4/6: Removed a legacy versioning feature that could cause the client to lose track of unlocked cards.
  • Hotfix 4/6: Fixed a bottleneck that could cause slow server responses when interacting with the Twitch API.