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Patch Notes - Week 41

Patch notes for Patch 41. Our sincerest apologies for the late post of the patch notes, we will keep updating them from now on!

New Art

Arcanum Steward now has art!

Gameplay Experiment

Developer Note: This is a test we’re running to be able to collect more accurate data around mana advantage. It may be switched off sometime during the week if we feel we’ve collected enough data.

  • Player 2 now starts with 2 mana.

New Feature: Ranked Play

Developer Note: Ranked will be coming in fully over several patches. Visuals, features, and tuning are all subject to change during the Pre-Season Testing Phase, the duration of which is TBD. Read More on Ranked Play Here.

  • With Ranked Play, you’ll able able to queue up on your Shardfalls and gain and lose Valor
  • You can freeze your rank by toggling “Off Duty” and your rank will remain unchanged
  • Earning Valor will progress you through the following Ranks:

In the first 2 Ranks, you cannot lose Valor in matches.

  • Initiate Ranger (0-299 Valor)
  • Novice Ranger (300-599 Valor)

In the following Ranks, you can gain and lose Valor through matches, but never be demoted once you’ve attained a Rank:

  • Bronze Class Ranger (600-899 Valor)
  • Silver Class Ranger (900-1199 Valor)
  • Gold Class Ranger (1200-1499 Valor)
  • Platinum Class Ranger (1500-1799 Valor)
  • Diamond Class Ranger (1800-2099 Valor)
  • Master Ranger (2100-2399 Valor)

In the final Rank, your numerical world ranking is displayed. The top Noble Rangers will also be displayed to all players in a Leaderboard on the Profile screen.

Noble Ranger (2400+ Valor)

Card Changes

  • Census Master
    • Proc animation and projectile speeds have been increased.
  • Cards with conditional bonuses from hand (Hunting Scout, Luminator Initiate, etc) will now have a colored highlight when those conditions are met.

Shardfall Changes

  • The drop rate of Card Boxes has been increased relative to Chroma.

Core Tech

  • The client has been upgraded to use a new version of Unreal Engine (14.5). This comes with a host of minor improvements. A few of these improvements are reflected in these patch notes, and we expect to leverage the new features over the next few patches as well.
  • Matchmaking will attempt to avoid matching you with the last player you matched against, to reduce playing the same opponent when both of you immediately re-queue.


  • The UI has been restructured to scale between 4:3 and 20:9 (ultrawide) aspect ratios. There are minor tweaks in a large amount of the UI to compensate for this adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to be unable to be fullscreen on a secondary monitor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fullscreen to be offset if the Windows taskbar is on the left or top of the desktop.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where 2 Spirit Binder’s binding the same target could sometimes leave the target permanently bound.
  • Dancer and Shade can now correctly Charm/Fear a Lifelike Statue when it’s the only minion on the board.
  • Become dust no longer takes any under-the-hood Attack buffs into account when dusting artifacts.
  • Thralls cloned by sources such as Puppeteer or Being of Light still count as Thralls.
  • Idol of Eternity no longer draws off its owner’s hero’s death.
  • Game camera will now reposition properly when the game window is resized so that you can see the entire playing field.
  • Improved messaging around having an invalid deck selected when attempting to matchmake.
  • Improved deck list sorting to avoid cases where decks could get stuck out of order.