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Twitchcon Day 1 Recap

With the first day of Twitchcon and a full day of Shardbound streaming by the various streamers and devs themselfs behind us, We wanted to update You with the everything that happened. The day started with Pluto and Mikella streaming together on Pluto's own channel. They were followed by Dibs and Zalgus on the Spiritwalk Games main channel. Thor was up next and was being helped by Neccobus. He managed to play an extremely long game! Dodger was joined by Dibs and Jeannie for during her stream. FateWinters followed right after Dodger and was joined by Brian. DistractedElf finished the last day with her stream together with Dibs

Pluto went up first at 11am PD. It definitely looked like He had played before already, because he ended up going 7-1 with his games. Only losing to who is rumoured to be Gasty. Pluto mainly played the red decks. The red faction focuses on playing Strong minions, buffing minions and keeping them alive. There are two colours available at Twitchcon, the other being Green. The green faction focusus on map-manipulation, interacting and changing the map and AoE zoning! There are four other colours, but we will be covering that later. During the stream Mikella revealed that Jeff Broadbent does the music for Shardbound. He is the same composer that did the music for Dawngate! Furthermore Mikella said that currently there are six heroes that all use one colour. However that in the future they do want to implement heroes with multiple colours.

The next stream was on the Spiritalk Games stream and was with Dibs and Zalgus, two of the developers on Shardbound. They mentioned that when you start a game and go second, you will have as an advantage a larger zone where you can spawn minions. Zalgus said that the shards are landmarks floating in the sky holding valuable materials, ancient secrets etc. which is why the factions are competing to reach them. Dibs and Zalgus followed that up with information about all six colours!
The six colours are Red and Green, which are in the Twitchcon build, And the four that are not in. These are Blue, Yellow, Orange and Purple.

Orange is all about spellburning, they can deal a lot of spell damage, buff spells, trigger various spells etc.

Yellow is about swarming the field with an archetype called "Primals" and synergy between them and your Hero.

Blue is control heavy, blocking sections of the map, bouncing people around, manipulating your deck and debuffing enemy units!

Purple is about graveyard play, buffing graveyard minions and re-summoning them to the field stronger than before!

The factions have each one hero so far that can spawn the minions. They do this with a magic called the weave or weaving. The weave is the magic which stitches the world together and every faction can manipulate different aspects of the weave to their favor.

During Thor's and Neccobus' stream, Neccobus revealed that not only PvP is in the game, but that they are working on is being developed! He also dropped information about Petra, the red hero. Petra is the daughter of the Westgaard corporation who builds and controls mechanical creations. There are no advances mechanical structures naturally so weaving is needed to get technology going which she is exceptional at. She also got a little robot buddy called Rupert. She totally also loves cats. Her father's Westgaard corporation claims resources to further improve the wealth of the corporation.

Dodger was being joined by Dibs at first. He helped her a bit with what she could play and answered some general questions from the chat. During this Dave Cerra, Paradoxiq, confirmed in the Twitch chat that the map that they are showing, Broken Mesa, is not the only map. There will be more maps later on. Dibs had to get some lunch after some time, so Jeannie, the community manager for Sharbound, took over. The stream quickly developed into two friends hanging out and having fun and was really fun to watch. Especially the end when Dodger claimed victory over Mr. Penguin. Highly recommend checking the VOD of this stream if you missed it.

During FateWinters' stream it got revealed that houses that players can create are basically guilds/clans. It's one way to play together to with friends. They haven't decided on the limit yet, because they also want it to be competitive.

In DistractedElf's stream there wasn't much covered which wasn't already covered before. However joined by Dibs, the games that were played were very fun games to watch!

Besides the things on Twitch, there were also some things that were covered on other sources.

Nick Kole revealed the concept art that he did for Petra Westgaard, red's hero.
petra concept art

There also was an art drop for the 3D models of Shardbound, check it out here
An example is:
pebbleborn pose

You can find our liveblog of day 1 here!