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Twitchcon Day 3 Recap

Twitchcon is over and we have time to recap the Twitchcon days! Let's get started with Day 3! The day started with PyroInsane and Mikella. Followed by the mighty ThorDG, who was also joined by the lovely Mikella. She sure has had it busy on stream during Twithcon. Next up was Eloise who was, just as PyroInsane and ThorDG, accompanied by Mikella! Stripping was up next and Dodger followed after. Who was joined once more by Jeannie after high demand and a very entertaining stream on friday! Swiftor came back for round two and was joined by Dibs. A small break and then the final stream of Twitchcon, which was Futuremangaming. He was joined by Jeannie, a long time viewer of his stream. She even received a shirt from him!

The day started with PyroInsane. Member of the Dawngate community and friend of the devs! He shared that he likes to play an aggressive playstyle with Orange and Red! Someone asked about the hexes on the map and Mikella said there were discussions about the clarity of the tiles and what we see today is pretty much the "in the middle" option. During the days at Twitchcon the booth has been packed and people were returning as well. Good news all around!

Mikella confirmed that outside of the reputation you can earn from playing on a streamer's shard the general "House mechanic" will hold several rewards and they want to implement things like customizable emblems to represent you. She also mentioned that eventually all cards will end up having a moving animation on them, even units!

According to Mikella every single unit has background lore to it in some intent, heroes of course more in-depth than others.

Once the whole shardfall is completed everyone will get the rewards. If you finish a quest with a rare reward it will be added to the pool for everyone participating but every person will roll an individual rare reward in that case. So everyone will get personalized loot! Streamer's shardfalls will show up in your game automatically once you enter their stream while they are live.

Mikella confirmed that even though so far there is only one Hero per faction/color so far that they won't rule out adding new ones later on! She also confirmed that there might be eventual fun interactions with streamer rivalries based on the reputation viewers gain for playing under their favorite streamer's banner!

Strippin has been playing outside of Twitchcon as well. He really likes the playstyle of blue and purple decks.

Future maps will include different biomes switching potentially with seasons. So you will already have an idea what map you will end up on before queueing up.

If you missed earlier coverage or just this bit of info, Dibs confirmed once more that the game will be free to play!

During Futuremangamings's stream the possibility of multi-hex units came up and has not been completely ruled out. Although there are no fixed plans for it yet.

Of course Nicholas Kole hasn't been sitting idle as well and he released another speedpainting video, but this time of Vardan. Go check it out here. It's amazing