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Welcome To Shardbound Unleashed

Welcome! We are Shardbound Unleashed, a community website for Shardbound. We will be providing all kinds of tools and resources for the community. But due to the NDA and still being in development ourselfs, we don't have any of the resources ready. Just like Shardbound we are in Community Development and we are very excited to share our website with you already! Now with Twitchcon happening, we felt that now was the right time to open up and we have some cool things happening during Twitchcon.

What does our Community Development mean? Right now the features that we want to provide with the website are still in development, however our aim is to be a resource for the community and to provide points of discussion. We aim to keep all of you informed with what is happening with Shardbound, that's why we are opening up already. Even though we are still working on features that we want to provide you with.

For Twitchcon we will be using our Liveblog section to keep you informed the whole time with continuous updates. This feature is still in development as well, but we felt that making it available already now to be a great benefit to covering Twitchcon for those that aren't able to watch. So head on out to our Liveblog section and We'll see you there!